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Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist

PhDr. Martin Dlabal, Ph.D.

I am a registered clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, i.e. I have completed a long-term internship in health care and am qualified to perform psychotherapy and diagnostics even for clients whose difficulties affect their health. I am a member of the Clinical Psychologists Association and I am also listed in the official Directory of Hypnotherapists of the Czech Psychotherapeutic Society with a certified section for hypnosis.
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Work experience

2009 - 

Department of Psychology, PF UJEP, Ústí nad Labem assistant professor

2008 - 

University Hospital Bulovka, Prague
counseling psychologist

2007 - 2008

Children's Psychiatric Hospital, Louny
clinical psychologist


2001 - 2008

Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague doctoral studies: social psychology

1995 - 2000

Faculty of Arts, Palacký University, Olomouc Master's degree: single-subject psychology

1992 - 1995

Faculty of Arts, University of Windsor, Canada Bachelor's degree: Psychology

2002 - 2006

Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice, Prague
clinical psychologist

Follow-up postgraduate education and training


Hermés Institute, Prague

training in "Systemic supervision and coaching"


Institute of Postgraduate Education in Health Care, Prague

certified course in systematic psychotherapy

2008 - 2009

Psychiatric hospital in Kroměříž

training in classical hypnotherapy


Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education, Prague

certification in the field of clinical psychology

2007 - 2010

SPAS Institute, Prague

training in communication strategic psychotherapy


relaxacní hypnoza resize2.jpg

2018, Hatlova B., Dlabal M., Loukova T., Wedlichova I.

Czech and Slovak Psychiatry, 114 (6): 253–259

duševní poruchy v dětství.png

Mental disorders in childhood

2020, Faculty of Education, JE Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Department of Psychology

knížka obal resize.jpg

2021, ISBN 978-80-262-1806-7

duševní poruchy.png

2013, ISBN 978-80-7414-605-3

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